Ada Lea woman, here

Ada Lea woman, here
After the success of her debut album, what we say in private, Montreal artist Ada Lea (Alexandra Levy) strikes another chord from her golden guitar with the release of her recent EP, woman, here, a melting pot of her older sounds mixed with new experimental tones introducing an unknown identity.
Lea found inspiration while in L.A. where she wrote the title track. The beach as muse is obvious in the intro, as the guitar riffs mimic the sound of a ukulele, which introduces the melancholy theme that carries throughout the EP.
The inclusion of the raw demo version of the song gives a more sincere approach to this feminist anthem, where the focus is on her subtle yet clever lyricism, especially at the end, with the line "I can be a woman over there."
Woman, here also showcases two unreleased recordings from her previous album. "Perfect World" and "Jade" both deliver a different take on her classic guitar strums and vulnerable falsetto.
The snippets of creativity from this EP act as stepping stones leading her to transform the pop genre into something completely her own. (Next Door)