Ben Gibbard "Tractor Rape Chain" (live video) (Guided by Voices cover)

Ben Gibbard 'Tractor Rape Chain' (live video) (Guided by Voices cover)
Death Cab for Cutie fans have doubtless been digging into the band's new songs from their album Kintsugi, which drops on March 31 on Atlantic, but here's something a little different: during an acoustic session for SiriusXM, frontman Ben Gibbard performed an acoustic cover of "Tractor Rape Chain" by Guided by Voices.

While Guided by Voices' songs can often be nonsensical, this stripped-down rendition of the classic Bee Thousand cut sounds downright emotional. With its intimate acoustic delivery and Gibbard's yearning voice, this rendition comes across as a plaintive expression of romantic yearning.

Take a listen below.