jennylee right on!

jennylee right on!
Jenny Lee Lindberg, bassist of Warpaint, has gone it alone as jennylee on her debut solo record, right on! It's a warm and personal record (one that eschews capital letters throughout), but it's not without the haunted and angst-ridden sounds characteristic of her main gig.
Lindberg shines on the record's highly rhythmic tracks, such as the driving "boom boom," complete with drumming from Warpaint's Stella Mozgawa. Lindberg's bass lines take inspiration from new wave, juxtaposing her dark vocals and the song's lyrics: "Society is anxiety, is a misery, it's a myth."
"never" is a tense, danceable number, eventually heading into the dissonant territory of Sonic Youth, similar in tone to the stomping "riot," which comes later in the record. "long lonely winter" provides a strong contrast to "never," its hollow sounding guitar providing the perfect soundtrack to Lindberg's despondent lyrics.
The drive of "bully" sounds most akin to a Warpaint track, the slow layering of the song's tracks building to a piercing crescendo. Lindberg saves some of her best writing for towards the end of the record, a highlight being the sensuous and devotional "he fresh."
With right on!, Jenny Lee Lindberg cements her place as an intuitive songwriter who knows how to craft complex, danceable songs as well as introspective, downtempo numbers. Her solo album is indicative of her strength alone, but it also highlights her importance as a member of Warpaint. (Rough Trade)