Listen to Aunty Social's Debut EP 'The Day My Brain Broke'

The record arrives today via Nettwerk
Listen to Aunty Social's Debut EP 'The Day My Brain Broke'
Aunty Social — the bedroom-pop project of Toronto's Daniela Gitto — has just released her brand new debut EP, The Day My Brain Broke — and now, courtesy of Nettwerk Records, the entirety of the EP is streaming here at Exclaim!

After teasing the record last year and releasing a Jessamine Fok-directed music video back in November, the five-track rumination on mental health and relationship struggles has finally arrived.

"The name, The Day My Brain Broke is referencing a traumatic event that took place last year," Gitto elaborated in a statement. "The result was a complete isolation from my previous toxic lifestyle where I did not face many mental health issues that watered the root of a very destructive mentality."

She added: "After isolating myself, my therapist recommended I fill my time with hobbies, so I financed a mac, bought myself a midi, mic and Logic Pro. I spent every day working on the demos for this EP, and I can proudly say that that every song was created during my recovery. This EP represents more than just my progress as an artist, but also as a healthy-minded and productive human. Each song represents some of my deepest wounds that I neglected for many years. This album is my catharsis."

Today, the record's focus single "Thinking about Thinking about Thinking" arrives alongside the EP. The song delves deeply into Gitto's relationship with mental illness and how it presents itself it times of social interaction, as well as in isolation.

She explained further in the following statement:

[It] can be one of two things. An interaction between two mentally unstable people (one taking responsibility of the other, although also suffering themselves) or a conversation with yourself but speaking as if you're talking to an infant. I wanted to depict depression as a child-like fear that can root from the imagination. It attaches itself to outside sources like being scared of the dark, but deep down it is an internal issue. The only remedy being a figure of strength that can drag us out of our heads.

Previously, Aunty Social had shared "Crack a Deal," "Trying" and "Travelling Circus" from her new record.

Listen to the entirety of The Day My Brain Broke below, where you can also find the record's tracklisting, Aunty Social's upcoming tour dates and recent music videos.

The Day My Brain Broke:

1. Trying
2. Travelling Circus
3. Crack a Deal
4. Thinking about Thinking about Thinking
5. Cortex

Tour dates:

04/23 Toronto, ON - The Lounge at Live Nation
05/11 Los Angeles, CA - School Night at Bardot