Scott Hardware Announces Sophomore Album 'Engel'

Listen to the record's first single "Joy"
Scott Hardware Announces Sophomore Album 'Engel'
Toronto's Scott Hardware has announced plans for his sophomore full-length. Titled Engel, the album is set to arrive April 3 via Telephone Explosion. To give us an idea what's in store, the artist has shared the album's lead single "Joy."

Engel was inspired Hardware's recent viewing of Wim Wenders' Berlin-based film Wings of Desire, a piece that deals heavily in the imagery of angels.

Hardware explains further:

I sought with this album to capture the film's velvety feeling — in turns funny, depressing, dark and mundane — in LP form. These songs imagine Wenders' angels buzzing around my friends, my family and I. Writing from their point of view allowed me unfettered access to my own thoughts about them and myself.

As for the brutal image of the album's cover (seen below), the art is adopted from the work of Canadian visual artist Chris Curreri — in this case his piece titled "Insomniac," which Hardware says "nods to queer sex, emotionality and darkness."

Engel follows the release of Hardware's 2016 album Mutate, Repeat, Infinity.

Listen to "Joy" and take a look at the album's full tracklisting below.


1. Intro
2. Millionaire
3. Blu Again
4. Joy
5. Engel
6. Left Hand
7. Bound Together
8. Survivors Guilt