Trew The Morning After

Trew's press release states that he is "the stylistic breath of fresh air the industry has been missing" and his album has "eleven classic tracks" that will be considered "A must have for any real fan of great music collections." Even though these statements may have been concocted by his publicist it puts the onus directly on the Virginia rapper to deliver the goods on his new album, The Morning After. The production credits are listed as one of the selling points of the album and there certainly are some solid arrangements scattered amongst the near-dozen tracks. But the work of producers such as Ski Beatz and Kleph Dollaz can only do so much to mask Trew's lyrical compositions, particularly on tracks where the subject matter isn't all that interesting. There is no harm in a few number, or even an entire album, about the club and/or how much game you have, but Trew is going to have to dig much deeper and add more layers to make it work. (Independent)