​Victoria Punks Bad Hoo Deliver Lyric Video for "Poster Child"

​Victoria Punks Bad Hoo Deliver Lyric Video for "Poster Child"
Victoria-based outfit Bad Hoo have unveiled a new lyric video for the track "Poster Child."
The song appeared on the band's latest album What Is When earlier this year, and the clip is a collaboration with Toronto and Mexico City-based artist/culture worker Zoë Heyn-Jones.
"There's neither narrative nor stable geography to be found here; rather, it's a series of vignettes centred around the mysterious titular figure of the Poster Child (or are there more than one?)," the band explained in a statement. "That said, the language and imagery converge at key points throughout to emphasize the song's hard left turns and quirky humour."
Those vignettes include images and Super 8 footage of everything from open water and farm animals to bananas on a plate and stamps on an envelope.
"When we play live, we're really loud. But more and more we're seeing people who've actually been able to decipher the vocals, shouting along to some songs," they elaborated. "And that was the germ for the lyric video idea for 'Poster Child,' which has some pretty cryptic language: making it even easier for the good fans of Bad Hoo."
Interpret the lyrical and visual content for yourself by checking out the lyric video for "Poster Child" below.
The group's next live show is on July 6 at the Copper Owl in Victoria.