Admiral Crumple "I Chop My CDs" (video)

Admiral Crumple 'I Chop My CDs' (video)
Come March 6, Canadian rapper Admiral Crumple will be digitally re-releasing his 2007 effort The Next Night. And in celebration of that reissue, the MC has loosed a new video for the album cut "I Chop My CDs."

The track's produced by Westnyle, while the video was directed by Esmond Ruslim on Toronto's Queen St. Ruslim claims he didn't want to make a typical rap video with Bentleys and money, but rather drew inspiration from "'80s MTV, late night television, informercials and bad VHS tapes." The retro aesthetic is present throughout the clip, harkening back to the early days of hip-hop.

Check out the video for Admiral Crumple's "I Chop My CDs" below.