Alva Noto Reveals 'Xerrox Vol. 3'

Alva Noto Reveals 'Xerrox Vol. 3'
Since 2007, German electronic experimentalist Carsten Nicolai has released two instalments in his Xerrox album series as Alva Noto. These have been interspersed with other albums, but Nicolai is now returning to the series for Xerrox Vol. 3, which will be out on April 6 through his own Raster-Noton label.

Like past instalments in the series, Xerrox Vol. 3 was created by using extensive reproduction (a bit like the document copying company Xerox, in other words). This allowed Nicolai to create new sounds by rendering the source recordings unrecognizable.

In a statement, Nicolai described the album as a "cinematographic emotion of a soundtrack to a film that actually does not exist in reality." It was inspired by childhood memories of the '70s films Solaris (directed by Andrei Tarkovsky in 1972) and La Isla misteriosa y el capitán Nemo (directed by Juan Antonio Bardem and Henri Colpi in 1973).

Nicolai said, "I see Xerrox Vol. 3 as my most personal album so far. I have to admit that this emotional output is a surprise even for myself. It remains exciting how the last two albums of this series will sound like."

In other words, apparently this will be a five-part series.

The album will be available on CD and limited-edition vinyl. Check out the tracklist below.

At the bottom of the page, hear a recent Boiler Room mix that ends with a song called "Xerrox Eboshi." That track was previously billed as a cut from Alva Noto's new Xerrox album, although no song of that title is included here.

Xerrox Vol. 1 came out in 2007, and Vol. 2 followed in 2009. Alva Noto's most recent solo full-length was 2011's Univrs, but he has also worked on other projects, including Summvs with Ryuichi Sakamoto and a string of team-ups with Byetone under the name Diamond Version.

Xerrox Vol. 3:

1. Xerrox Atmosphere
2. Xerrox Helm Transphaser
3. Xerrox 2ndevol
4. Xerrox Radieuse
5. Xerrox 2ndevol2nd
6. Xerrox Isola
7. Verrox Solphaer
8. Xerrox Mesosphere
9. Xerrox Spark
10. Xerrox Spiegel
11. Xerrox Exosphere