Ben Rogers The Dawn of a New Error

Ben Rogers is the jack of all trades on his independently released debut. While the Vancouver-based songwriter has assembled quite a supporting cast including Jesse Zubot and production from Gordie Johnson, The Dawn of a New Error is a classic example of a "throw-everything-including-the-kitchen-sink” in mantra, creating a collection that is full of interesting moments but bereft of cohesion despite the experienced help. Rogers attempts flowery adult contemporary ("Jesus and a Jackknife”), Delta blues ("Roadblock”), summer-rich ’60s psychedelia ("Spatulove”), mainstream pop ("One in a Million” and "Sex, Drugs and Disco”), Latin jazz ("I’ll Get By”) and new-country folkie ("A Night on the Ghost Town”) amongst other styles throughout the set. And while none of these is butchered, none are given time to develop due to the songwriter’s internal capriciousness. Still, Rogers is only 19 and song-by-song, this is an impressive debut. Hopefully his 20-something trials will bring about some kind of musical focus. (Independent)