Ben Rogers "Panhandler" (video)

Ben Rogers 'Panhandler' (video)
As previously reported, Vancouver folkie Ben Rogers' Bloodred Yonder is said to tell tales of "drinking, debauchery, dancing, manmade disasters, godmade disasters, sin, and murder." It should be no surprise that new single "Panhandler" covers some of the raucous, occasionally grim subject matter, and you can catch Rogers and his band cracking through the cut in a new video.

It's a simply shot video that finds Rogers leading his team through the chooglin' country number in a practice space setting. He mugs his way through the performance, either sneering or smiling as he unfurls lines about a father's bones swinging from the ol' family tree, or how he's got fifty jugs of whiskey coursing through his veins.

"I'm a panhandling man/Only God understands," he reveals.

You'll learn more about his origins down below, while the rest of Rogers' Bloodred Yonder lands August 14 via Tonic Records.