Bossie "Meteor" (video)

Bossie 'Meteor' (video)
Toronto-based musician Anne Douris may be known to some as part of bouncy Toronto power pop unit Stella Ella Ola, but her latest work arrives under the moniker Bossie, and she's just shared the new video for "Meteor."
Her sound is as bubblegummy as her bright pink hair, and the accompanying visuals are equally fun. An over abundance of glitter, silly string, balloons and feathers find their way into the clip (and unfortunately her eyes and mouth at times), making for a big fun mess.
There are even a handful of Canadian indie rock cameos courtesy of Tokyo Police Club's Graham Wright, July Talk's Ian Docherty and Hollerado's Nixon Boyd. And a miniature pony, of course.
If you want to catch Bossie live, she'll be playing at Buddha Bar in Toronto on September 10.
Be thankful you weren't on the set's clean-up crew that day and enjoy the clip for "Meteor" in the player below.