Buzzcocks Rock Stage, Downsview Park, Toronto ON, September 7

Buzzcocks Rock Stage, Downsview Park, Toronto ON, September 7
Photo: Stephen McGill
Other than some slight vocal strains, the Buzzcocks showed very few signs of aging as they blasted through a set composed mostly of tracks from their late-'70s heyday.

They kicked off with a high-energy rendition of "Boredom," shuffling enthusiastically around the track's tight corners, and segued into "I Don't Mind" which, despite lacking a little of the breakneck speed that makes it so breathlessly enjoyable on record, was striking nonetheless. The band's well-curated set list ensured that the energy level never faltered, as they peppered the hits throughout. "Autonomy" and "Sick City Sometimes" were great, and "Whatever Happened To?" and "What Do I Get?" were even better.

The band's onstage energy was palpable, too; Steve Diggle was having the time of his life, enthusiastically but incomprehensibly introducing each song. He smiled the entire time, bounding across the stage occasionally to shred next to his band mates.

"Promises" was a spunky later highlight, topped only by "Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)" and "Orgasm Addict." For a band three decades removed from their golden era, the Buzzcocks are still as bratty and excitable as ever, and it's a pleasure to behold.

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