Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini Announce Collaborative Album

Hear the title track from 'Illusion of Time' now
Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini Announce Collaborative Album
U.K. producer Daniel Avery and Nine Inch Nails synth wizard Alessandro Cortini have lifted the curtain on a new collaborative album. The pair will release Illusion of Time on March 27 through Mute/Phantasy.

Avery and Cortini began working on the material that became Illusion of Time before they had even met, completing them upon touring with NIN in 2018. The result is a "quietly powerful" 10-track effort that is "rooted in trust, process and experimentation."

"I was a big fan of Daniel's, and his work always spoke to me in a certain way,'' Cortini explained in a statement. "After our first collaboration, we just kept sending each other music and maintaining that dialogue. Next thing you know, we're sitting in a hotel room in New York and had finished the record in three hours."

Avery added, "Some of the tracks were borne simply out of a tiny synth part, or a bit of tape hiss that we had recorded. And that approach taught me a lot. It's a record that's been worked on hard, but not laboured over."

Alongside the announcement, the pair have shared Illusion of Time's title track, which arrives alongside a video helmed by Sam Davis and Tom Andrew. The latter explained, "We were keen to capture a visual representation of the tempo and atmospheric emotion of the track and make a video exploring the notion of collaboration. A super-motion approach allowed us to explore details of motion shared between two people, in tactile actions of aiding and supporting."

Both Avery and Cortini released solo albums last year, delivering B-Sides & Remixes and VOLUME MASSIMO, respectively.

Illusion of Time is now available for pre-order.

Illusion of Time:

1. Sun
2. Illusion of Time
3. CC Pad
4. Space Channel
5. Inside The Ruins
6. At First Sight
7. Interrupted By The Cloud of Light
8. Enter Exit
9. Water
10. Stills