Giorgio Moroder "Tom's Diner" (Suzanne Vega cover ft. Britney Spears)

Giorgio Moroder 'Tom's Diner' (Suzanne Vega cover ft. Britney Spears)
Disco legend Giorgio Moroder will soon revisit the past with the arrival of his Déjà Vu LP. We've already heard its Sia-assisted title track, and now we get a further taste with the release of a new Britney Spears collaboration.

The pair take on Suzanne Vega's 1987 hit "Tom's Diner." It's updated with retro-futurist synths that pump along as Brit offers some AutoTuned vocals. The song builds naturally as it continues, eventually introducing some funky guitars and vocoders.

Listen to Britney Spears and Giorgio Moroder do their thing below. Déjà Vu arrives on June 12 through RCA.