Giorgio Moroder Sheds Light on Comeback Album

Giorgio Moroder Sheds Light on Comeback Album
Iconic disco producer Giorgio Moroder is poised to make a comeback this year, as he's already announced plans to release a star-studded album that will be his first full-length since the '90s. Now, the electronic legend has spoken out about how the LP came to be.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Moroder explained that he had been largely retired, but his return was sparked by Daft Punk, who recruited him for a spoken word contribution to their song "Giorgio by Moroder" on 2013's Random Access Memories. This led to him to do a series of DJ gigs.

"I noticed that the audiences were so young, like 18 to 40," Moroder said. "I felt so young. I mean, I'm 74, but I still felt like part of this young generation. Some of those guys knew my songs and were not even born when they came out. It's nice to hear a 20-year-old guy or girl sing along with the lyrics."

He also shed some light on his collaborations on the new album, revealing that there are more people willing to help out with the creative process than there were in his heyday.

"With Sia," Moroder said, "I just gave her the tracks, which had a certain melody on it, and two to three weeks later she sent me the tapes with background vocals, mixed, and it's not bad actually. It's partially my melody, partially hers. It's really fantastic."

Britney Spears also came to Moroder with some ideas of her own, as she approached him about doing a cover song. He hasn't revealed what song they're doing, but he hinted, "Let's say it's a song which came out about 30 years ago as an a cappella, just a voice. If you can figure out what it is, I didn't tell you."

Charlie XCX also gave Moroder a vocal a cappella to turn into a song, and he called Kylie Minogue, who provided vocals the the recently premiered "Right Here, Right Now," "a professional and such a great lady." Other contributors include Foxes and Mikky Ekko.

All told, there are around 15 songs, about 12 of which will make it on the final version. There will be some bonus cuts for a deluxe version. Sadly, the album won't feature Daft Punk. Pharrell expressed interest in contributing, but he was ultimately too busy to make it work.

And while Moroder has worked with Lady Gaga, the results won't be on his new album. The material might be on her next LP, however. "What a talent," he said. "A great pianist, a great composer, lyricist — it's going to be great."

While we've heard a couple of singles from the album, it still doesn't have a title. Moroder had planned it to be called 74 Is the New 24, but he's had second thoughts, especially since the album won't be out until he's 75. Ultimately, it will be the record company's decision.

The album is due out this spring through RCA.