Head Wound City Head Wound City

As Neon Blonde, Johnny Whitney and Mark Gajadhar proved last year that the Blood Brothers are just as productive when members divvy up and experiment with other interests. While those two fiddled with art-damaged, electro rock, Jordan Blilie and Cody Votolato have branched out as well with a little help from some good friends: the Locust’s Gabe Serbian and Justin Pearson, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner. In essence, Head Wound City are what you’d expect: a project that sounds unmistakably like the Blood Brothers on an all-night bender with the Locust. Blilie’s vocals are less tuneful than the last two BB records, focusing more on the abrasive, guttural screaming from the Second Nature/Three.One.G days. While Votolato’s shrill guitars are prevalent, the music’s structure falls more in line with the Locust’s short, concentrated bursts of volatile noise. Where Zinner comes in is unclear, but he’s proved his artistic flexibility through the many endeavours he’s busied himself with over the last couple years, so his productivity could be anywhere in this sonic head kick. Head Wound City may be seven tracks in less than ten minutes, but it plays exactly like how you’d want this super group to sound, which is fucking awesome. (Three One G)