Iowa Human Services Director Resigns Following Mass Tupac Email

It's just him against the world
Iowa Human Services Director Resigns Following Mass Tupac Email
Jerry Foxhoven, former Iowa Department of Human Services director, was ousted from his job after he sent an email to 4,300 agency employees asking them to honour the birthday of late rapper Tupac.

Last month, Foxhoven urged employees to listen to the late rapper's music over the weekend of June 16. He formally resigned on June 17.

According to the Associated Press, Foxhoven routinely sent Tupac-related emails and messages to members of the agency — some 350 pages of emails recovered from his account contained the words "Tupac" or "2pac," with Foxhoven often promoting his weekly "Tupac Fridays" office event.

Despite his subordinates' apparent enthusiasm for his Tupac fixation, the agency made it clear that it's time for them as a people to start makin' some changes.

Beyond being a rabid Tupac fan, Foxhoven has also been criticized for his department's oversight of state juvenile institutions. It remains unclear which offence led to his forced resignation.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has appointed Department of Public Health Director Gerd Clabaugh to take on interim responsibilities before the position is filled by a permanent replacement.