Iron & Wine "Everyone's Summer of '95" (video)

Iron & Wine 'Everyone's Summer of '95' (video)
Iron & Wine's folksy tunes are quietly gentle, but the clip for his archival cut "Everyone's Summer of '95" contrasts this by focusing on a wrestling match.

Iron & Wine shared his old recording as part of the recent compilation Archive Series Volume No. 1. Songwriter Sam Beam's quiet acoustic plucking and whispered coos provide the backdrop for a cinematic video in which an audience member jumps into the ring and gets involved in a wrestling match. Despite the violence of the situation, however, the use of slow motion helps the video to convey the restraint of the music.

It was directed by Erin Elders and Jeff Tomcho and stars actor David Dastmalchian. Watch it below [via Pitchfork].

Archive Series Volume No. 1 is out now on Black Cricket Recording Co.