JustJohn & Dom Dias DON

JustJohn & Dom Dias DON
JustJohn, Toronto-based rapper and founder of BlankCanvas Gallery, just released his new DON EP in collaboration with Dom Dias. Consistently working on new music, this is a followup to the Black Beret EP, where he explored on real-life experiences with police violence and injustice, gentrification and DIY spaces.
With the ability to produce hip-hop flows, soulful vibes, radio-ready hits and bangers and even rock guitar intros, JustJohn goes hard with electric rap bangers this time around, with the production covered by Dom Dias.
JustJohn goes off on the first track, "Soundboi," as he raps "I'm off the meter / I'm off the liquor / I keep finessin'." JustJohn not only flexes in his lyrics, but the vibe of the production clearly proves that he is an authentic artist who can work with all types of producers and still be himself. It helps when he continues the flex while rapping "Your girl call me daddy when you're not around boy."
The heavy bass and EDM-like production on "Don" (feat. Eryn Martin) sounds like it belongs in a dark sex dungeon, with heavy, eerie and euphoric atmosphere. John's lyrics add to that vibe, with the line "Know some bad bitches do anything for my wedding ring."
"Hype" has more of a jungle feel; boasting about his trend-setting style, JustJohn flexes wearing designer, with influences from perhaps screwed-up sounds such as older A$AP Rocky tracks to A$AP Ferg's "Eastcoast." "Run it up, run it up, run it up, run it up, fuck that shit we get turnt till the sun is up" — whether it's consciously or subconsciously, JustJohn adds his flavour while showing homage to the OGs. (Independent)