Kevin Drew Arts Court, Ottawa ON, August 22

Kevin Drew Arts Court, Ottawa ON, August 22
Photo: Kamara Morozuk
Once onstage, Kevin Drew told the crowd that he enjoyed the "good vibes" of Arboretum Festival from the moment he arrived at the venue that afternoon. The good vibes seemed to carry right through his well-executed headlining set, largely dominated by his solo material. With a backing band made up of members from both Broken Social Scene and Do Make Say Think, the set also celebrated the past projects that he and his bandmates undertook earlier in their careers.

The middle of the set saw the band reach way back into the vault to play "Anorexic He-Man," a cut from pre-BSS project KC Accidental. Of course, one could have predicted that some Broken Social Scene material would be played, with Drew leading the crowd in singing along to acoustic versions of "Superconnected" and "Lover's Spit" to close the evening. "Next time Broken Social Scene play Ottawa, it will be at this festival," he declared. We'll hold you to that, Mr. Drew.

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