Lil Durk "Super Powers" (video)

Lil Durk 'Super Powers' (video)
We're not going to pretend we know all the scientific properties of lean, but Chicago's Lil Durk assures us that the drink is a special gifts-giving beverage that his him feeling like he can take over the world. He's saying as much in the new video for his Lil Durk 2X track "Super Powers."

The video finds the rapper hanging out in a field, downing some of his special drink right out of a doubled-up plastic container. The way he tells it, "What's in my cup give me super powers." And while Red Bull gives you wings, it seems like lean will nab you money and power.

He goes on to show off his fancy whip and make allusions to recently passed Marvel Comics character Bruce Banner (a.k.a. the Hulk)  before changing up the scenery and counting a big stack of bills in a pricey-looking apartment. Whether that's his disposable income or just his rent money remains unclear.

You'll find the video for Durk's syrup-praising jingle below.