No Age Reissue 'Weirdo Rippers' on Vinyl

No Age Reissue 'Weirdo Rippers' on Vinyl
Tracking down all of No Age's early 7-inches on the cheap might be a tall order these days, so the punk band are doing vinyl fans a solid and repressing their 2007 singles compendium, Weirdo Rippers.

A new pressing of the LP is due March 3 through FatCat, who had first delivered the 11-song set on CD in 2007. The group had later self-released a limited-edition copy with handmade covers that was sold on tour in 2008, while Fat Cat whipped up a European pressing in 2009. This is the first commercially available domestic vinyl pressing of Weirdo Rippers.

The collection comprises five singles issued throughout 2007 on five different labels. This includes Dead Plane on Teenage Teardrops, Neck Escaper on Youth Attack, Sick People Are Safe on Deleted Art, Get Hurt on Upset! the Rhythm, and Every Artist Needs a Tragedy on drummer Dean Spunt's own Post Present Medium. The original track order is preserved for the upcoming pressing of Weirdo Rippers.

In related news, while No Age have yet to fill us in on when they'll follow up 2013's An Object, the duo did just drop a cover of Black Flag's "Six Pack" and an attempt at Gun Club's "Sex Beat" as part of a 7-inch box set tied to a gallery exhibit in L.A. You'll find out more info on that project over here.

Weirdo Rippers:

1. Every Artist Needs a Tragedy
2. Boy Void
3. I Wanna Sleep
4. My Life's Alright Without You
5. Everybody's Down
6. Sun Spots
7. Loosen This Job
8. Neck Escaper
9. Dead Plane
10. Semi-Sorted
11. Escarpment