Peter Murphy Kicked Out of His Own Concert for Throwing Bottles into the Audience

The Bauhaus leader sent one concertgoer to hospital with injuries to his face
Peter Murphy Kicked Out of His Own Concert for Throwing Bottles into the Audience
Photo via Tom Holmlund‎ on Facebook
Bauhaus leader Peter Murphy has landed in some serious hot water over his onstage antics at his concert in Stockholm last night. According to various reports, Murphy was ejected from his own show on Wednesday (December 12) for allegedly throwing bottles into the audience, injuring at least one concertgoer in the process.

According to a report from Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, Murphy was kicked out of the show by organizers after he began behaving erratically onstage and injured an audience member in the face by throwing bottles into the crowd.

A translated portion of the article reads:

The world-famous goth rock star Peter Murphy, 61, was thrown out by organizers from his concert at Nalen in Stockholm on Wednesday night. The rejection was preceded by throwing bottles from scene that injured a concert visitor in the face. When Murphy threw out, he ended up fighting with the guards.

This morning the above photo was shared on a 4AD Facebook group, which seems to show Murphy outside the venue in an altercation with security.

A report from Aftonbladet includes video of the incident, which shows Murphy striking a security official, and you can watch that here.

Aftonbladet also reports that "he went berserk on stage, crashing a lamp as well as attacking fans and venue staff with with different items." The publication adds that the incident has been reported to police, and the fan was sent to hospital "with scars in his face."

"At the end of the concert, the artist started to show a behaviour that is completely unacceptable," Nalen spokesperson Jennie Monie told Aftonbladet. "Afterwards we've understood that he first kicked down a lamp on stage. Then he threw water bottles on audience, staff and also against our technicians. One water bottle that was open broke the mixer board."

Monie added, "There's also one visitor who's got a bottle in the face, on the cheek, and got a cut. Our security staff took care of him and sent him to the hospital."

According to the report, the concertgoer is now doing well.

After the onstage incident occurred and the show was stopped, things apparently went from bad to worse when Murphy was asked by organizers to leave the venue.

"Shortly after this he came back and started to argue with our staff, acting threatening and aggressive. At that time there were also fans left at the venue, probably waiting to get an autograph," Monie said. "When he started to threaten our guests and shouted at them, our security staff decided to take him out. The artist wasn't happy but rather aggressive and hit one of our staff in the face, which is why they decided to take him down to the ground."

The concert came as part of Murphy's Bauhaus 40th anniversary tour with David J, and promoter Nalen has issued the following official statement regarding the incident:

With one more song planned, the artists tour manager and technician decided to end yesterday's concert with Peter Murphy since technical equipment had been destroyed due to incidents we at Nalen take very seriously. The artist acted in an unacceptable way towards the audience and our staff.

We are currently trying to sort the situation out. If anyone in the audience got injured in any way, we would like you to contact us and report to the police.

We also want to say thanks to the guests who helped us at Nalen and others in the audience.

As previously reported, Peter Murphy and David J will next take the Bauhaus anniversary tour to Greece for a concert on Friday (December 14). Next year, the tour is also scheduled to come to North America.

As of press time, Murphy does not appear to be facing any criminal charges, and he has issued no statement about the incident.