Peter Tosh Legalize It: Legacy Edition

Bob Marley may have had "One Love," but Peter Tosh had "Legalize It." Although the former Wailer still was years away from worldwide recognition, Peter Tosh's 1975 debut will be remembered as his most popular and celebrated LP. Repackaged in this Legacy Edition, Legalize It is one of reggae's best examples of revisionist history: a larger-than-life breakthrough that had the free world chanting its most famous line. Thirty-six years later, Tosh still exudes that elusive air of gravity/light-heartedness on songs like the cutting "Whatcha Gonna Do" and the dazzling "Til Your Well Runs Dry." Included on the 32-track reissue is an "Original Jamaican Mix" of the full album, which, thanks to its live-off-the-floor feel, comes off more novel than one would think. The rest of the record is filled with forgettable alternate mixes, with nary a single unreleased song in sight. However, the original Legalize It shows Tosh at a point in his career where each song was fresh and assured, letting the listener savour each and every hit. (Columbia/Legacy)