Peter Tosh's Family Celebrate 4/20 with Launch of Weed Company

Peter Tosh's Family Celebrate 4/20 with Launch of Weed Company
Today is April 20, so you're probably lifted in the purple haze of some sticky icky jazz cigarettes by now. If you happen to be the family of a late reggae legend, 4/20 is also a day to get your branding done right. While Bob Marley's estate totally blew it with a blackface filter, the estate of Peter Tosh has made a more wise move.

Rather than release rolling papers or some such other doobie-ous paraphernalia, the late artist's family has launched a new weed company. And to prove they're not beating around the bush, the thing's simply called Peter Tosh 420.

A press release explains that the mission of Peter Tosh 420 is to "organically grow the Peter Tosh legacy by providing quality cannabis products for medicinal power, spiritual enlightenment and recreational enjoyment."

The company is a, wait for it, joint venture between Tosh's family, music industry veteran Brian Latture and cannabis industry leader Steven Trenk, of Lizada Capital.

"There are few names more synonymous with the Cannabis industry than that of Peter Tosh," Trenk said. "I am just thrilled to be partnering with Peter's family to take a marquee brand like Peter Tosh, who was literally the Godfather of the legalization movement, and spreading his message through Peter Tosh 420."

That's not the only weed-themed honour going Tosh's way — as of last year, April 20 has been dubbed International Peter Tosh Day.