Possum Space Grade Assembly

Possum Space Grade Assembly
After bonding over a mutual love for Can, the Grateful Dead, Fela Kuti and Ty Segall, Toronto band Possum have managed to integrate elements of their own musical taste into a mind-blowing combination of psych rock, kraut and garage. Their new album, Space Grade Assembly, is an excellent example of how the band can take their influences and create unique and dynamic sounds.
From the onset, the album is vibrant and energetic; "The Hills" and "The Hills Part 2" are psychedelic and engaging without being too overbearing or heavy. Each wailing guitar solo leads the song into new unexplored grooves, infusing elements of Afrobeat and psych rock, similar to the sound you might find on a King Gizzard or Ty Segall record.
While Possum certainly know how deliver experimental tunes, they still possess the ability to craft more moderate and tight-knit jams. "Ice Cream" is a tad slower than the rest of the album, but with its vocals dripping in reverb, crooning over the distortion and fuzz, the song undeniably fits well within the arrangement.
As the band delves into realms of garage-infused psychedelia, they continue to emerge with newfound rhythms and grooves to keep the sound fresh and invigorating. Each song is wet with effects, with Possum navigating the surf with confidence, experimenting with what they can achieve and just how far they can do it. (Garment District)