Res How I Do

Little fanfare greeted the release of How I Do, the debut of singer/songwriter Res, but it's set to be the type of record whose audience is sure to grow over a period of time through positive word of mouth. Having guested vocally with GZA, from Wu-Tang Clan, and Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek, Res gets the chance to really flex her creative muscles on this release, displaying a strong conviction and sharp insight. Casting a critical eye over materialism ("Golden Boys") and delivering cutting social critiques ("Sittin' Back"), Res's voice is forthright in her convictions and could be missed by those attracted to the airy qualities of her voice. Backed by the production of Toronto-based Doc, formerly of Esthero, Res's sound mines the gamut of rock, soul, hip-hop and reggae influences, but the blending of sounds is natural and How I Do doesn't use this diverse yet accessible sonic reality as its calling card. There are times where musically thing falter, but when matched with Res's lyrical potency as on the ear-catching melodies of "Ice King" and "Tsunami" you'll find it hard to get the songs out of your head and not to tell someone about it. (Universal)