Rufio Tony Sly Stage, Montebello QC, June 20

Rufio Tony Sly Stage, Montebello QC, June 20
Photo: Rick Clifford
California's Rufio brought their home state's sun with them to their exclusive reunion appearance at Amnesia Rockfest. It wasn't just in terms of the weather, though, as the bouncy pop punk could brighten anyone's mood.
Kicking off their set with "Little World" from their last LP, the band tore their way through a set primarily composed of songs from their first two LPs: Perhaps, I Suppose and MCMLXXXV.
Perhaps the most telling bit of the set came a second before the band launched into "Science Fiction." Singer/guitarist Scott Sellers introduced it by announcing, "This song is called…" and trailing off as the opening riff burst out. Evidently, the band let their riffs do the talking, something they do in spades. Seriously, if there's one thing that's always set Rufio apart, it was riffs that thrashed harder than anything this side of metal.
And riff they did, pushing the crowd to pogo around and guitarist Clark Domae to jump twice as high. By the time they closed out with "Above Me," they were greeted with a resounding chant of "RUFIO!" similar to their namesake in Hook. It's a shame they have to go back into inactivity; in Neverland, they'd stay young, and hopefully play music forever.