​RuPaul Unleashes New Single "Queens Everywhere" from 'Queens of Queens' Remix Album

​RuPaul Unleashes New Single 'Queens Everywhere' from 'Queens of Queens' Remix Album
RuPaul has dropped a new eight-track album called Queen of Queens that features a brand new single, as well as remixes of some of the famed drag queen's previously release favourites.
The new track is called "Queens Everywhere," and it hears RuPaul showing off his rap skills atop a Stomp-inspired beat.
The album also features an a cappella rendition of the new song, as well as just its instrumental version.
Elsewhere, there are new remixes of tracks "American," "Call Me Mother" and "Super Queen."
In the words of RuPaul, it's "available on iTunes now." Stream Queens of Queens below.