Samantha Savage Smith Steps Outside the Box

Samantha Savage Smith Steps Outside the Box
Photo by Heather Saitz
It took four years for the release of Calgary singer-songwriter Samantha Savage Smith's follow-up to her 2011 debut. In that time Smith has kept busy, performing around Canada as a solo artist and in local bands like Lab Coast.
"It's good to play other people's songs, because when you're a songwriter and you're just doing your thing… you kind of get used to that," she says.
Her latest album, Fine Lines (out now via Pipe & Hat), is directly inspired by her time playing guitar in other bands. Filled with subtle guitar lines and nuanced arrangements, Fine Lines is an airy and acrobatic album that sounds more spacious than its predecessor, and more lyrically accessible as well.
"Some of the songs are a bit more obtuse," she says about its relaxed tone. "It's just a broader opportunity for anyone to interpret a song the way they choose to."

Samantha Savage Smith performs at Broken City (613 11 Ave. SW) in Calgary AB on May 29 with Doug Hoyer and Astral Swans.

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