Sene I Heard You Laughing

Sene I Heard You Laughing
Parisian producer Sene is equal parts electronic steelworker and abstract sculptor on his sophomore EP, I Heard You Laughing. Relying on repetition through subtle looping and swells of chilling atmosphere, the results are mechanical and cold, but not unwelcoming.
"Trade Union" opens the gates of this laboratory, with bobbing synths and chirps that put forth an uneasy feeling, as if there's some twisted ideas being planned. "Et Cætera" takes an ascending/descending progression and veers left into a quiet calm, letting a new set of ingredients blend together. All that's left is some quiet static, and the ringing of church bells in the distance.
Several songs pass the five-minute mark, and as a result, bring that idea of repetition into question. Namely on "Cold Onsen" — the ominous beeps and pings of a dystopian dial-up connection could use some trimming to prevent being lost in the shuffle. It would help tighten up the sense of nervousness and ambiguity on offer here.
The beauty of Sene's work is when he takes his time to tinker with his compositions, layering them with jittery clanks and rumbles. I Heard You Laughing blends sophisticated artistry with a deep and icy mix of industrial, techno and ambient. For all the tangled minds out there, this is where you want to be. (Unknown Precept)