Shanti Celeste Tangerine

Shanti Celeste Tangerine
After years of tearing up the dance floor with her eclectic and energizing DJ sets, Shanti Celeste has finally released her debut full-length, Tangerine. Tangerine takes us a step back from the rave space and shows off Celeste's passion and influences in the world of electronic music, creating moments for deep listening as well the dance floor.
"Sun Notification" oozes and bubbles, the space expanding as warm tones envelop the track, as if wading in a stream. Elsewhere, tracks like "Infinitas" come ready to dance to, with solid acid-tinged bass lines, creating an album that ebbs and flows like an intimate club night, calling to mind moments of love and joy and impassioned music shared with others.
The album is filled with personal touches throughout, like Celeste's manipulated vocals on tracks, and kalimba recordings made at her father's house, giving the music a voice of its own. Almost coming off as an extension of herself, the songs Celeste presents here are moving, human pieces of music that reflect a passion and dedication for the art as a whole.
Every track on Tangerine has a depth that rewards multiple listens, and the album is multifaceted enough that it provides a satisfying experience, whether listening in a more active setting or a more relaxed one. "Moons," in particular, has a slow, steady rhythm and sounds of rain falling that one could imagine listening to while reading as much as listening to with full attention in other settings.
This combination of almost-ambient and techno sensibilities creates an album that is layered and diverse in its sound palette and execution, with something for appreciators of the many different flavours electronic music has to offer. (Independent)