Stereotyperider Prolonging the Inevitable

Like Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto trying to play Dinosaur Jr. songs, Stereotyperider try really hard not to play hardcore, but end up sounding like a twisted version of their DC heroes in the process. The result, however, is an original mix of influences that sounds like they are constantly fighting for their place in the spotlight; just as a catchy chorus kicks in, an equally potent hardcore riff will come in to hay make it out of the way. The push-pull nature of the band’s songs makes for a somewhat schizophrenic listening experience, and demands the focus of the listener. At their best, on songs like "Puncture The Burn,” there are moments when all of Stereotyperider’s sonic qualities seem at peace with each other, making for intense moments of blazing originality emotional musicianship. (Suburban Home)