The Gun Used to Murder 2Pac Is Now Missing

The Gun Used to Murder 2Pac Is Now Missing
Though the murder of hip-hop icon 2Pac remains unsolved to this day, authorities had the murder weapon in their possession as many as 20 years ago. However, no one seems to know where the handgun is currently held today.

As TMZ reports, producers of A&E documentary series Who Killed Tupac? uncovered Compton Police Department documents that detail the discovery of a .40 calibre glock in a citizen's backyard on May 30, 1998. Upon the takeover of Compton law enforcement by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department in 2000, the handgun was amongst 3,800 confiscated firearms that were transferred to the LASD.

The documentary then shows that in 2006, Deputy T. Brennan discovered that the address where the handgun had been found matched that of a girlfriend of a prominent Crip member. Ballistic test results conducted on the gun matched the results of the weapon used to kill 2Pac.

TMZ notes that a federal prosecutor assigned to the murder case recommended that the gun not be turned over to Las Vegas authorities, potentially in fear of igniting further violence. When contacted by A&E, the Las Vegas police stated that they were unsure of the gun's current whereabouts.

Considering how many 2Pac-related items have hit the auction block in recent years, it isn't unfathomable to think the gun may have a new owner by now. The final episode of A&E's Who Killed Tupac? airs on December 19.