Tycho Weather

Tycho Weather
Since the early 2000s, Scott Hansen (aka Tycho) has steadily built a following with his unique take on downtempo electronic music. Each release has progressed and evolved in a way that includes more and more organic sounds, such as guitars and drums, but he's always left his instruments to do the talking — until now.
Following the critical success of trilogy Dive (2011), Awake (2014), and Epoch (2016), Hansen returns with Weather. The fifth LP from the San Francisco producer brings onboard 22-year-old Hannah Cottrell (Saint Sinner) as the lead vocalist and lyricist for Tycho.
Cottrell's vocals feature on a number of tracks, notably "Pink & Blue" and "No Stress," seamlessly weaving in and out of Hansen's meticulous production and attention to detail. The pairing feels effortless, as though Cottrell's presence has in some way always been a part of Tycho's fabric. Her voice brings an immediate intimacy and youthful exuberance to the music, but also the translation of meaning through lyrics. She thoughtfully articulates longing, love and transformational change in ways that resonate and harken back to the human experience that binds us all. But while new to the group, Cottrell is hardly an afterthought or mere gimmick.
Weather represents an exciting new phase of Hansen's musical progression. Moving from a solo project to a multi-instrumental touring group, Tycho has continued to evolve and adapt with each new album. Weather pushes the boundaries of Tycho's traditional sound, and in so doing, proves there is something serious to be said about stepping outside the comfort zone.
Alongside longtime collaborators Zac Brown (bass/guitar), Rory O'Connor (drums), and touring member Billy Kim (keyboards, guitar, bass), as well as Cottrell, Hansen is set to embark on the "Weather World Tour": you're not going to want to miss this one. (Mom+Pop / Ninja Tune)