The Unicorns "Let Me Sleep"

The Unicorns 'Let Me Sleep'
Earlier this summer, reunited indie unit the Unicorns offered up a deluxe digital edition of their 2003 LP Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? loaded with a couple of digital-only bonus tracks. In case you haven't gone ahead and DL'ed the set yet, the group are now streaming extra cut "Let Me Sleep."

Playing out initially as a lo-fi shuffle, the track places military march snare rolls beneath wide open guitar chords, speaker-panning synth melodies, and lyrics about just not getting enough sleep. The tune changes its pace a couple times, adding psychedelic moments, a series of "la la las," minor-key string melodies, the p.m. twinkle of a glockenspiel and more. Considering the occasionally jarring, quick-shifting nature of the jam-packed arrangement, the Unicorns don't have much time on the track to actually ease back and catch some shut-eye.

The digital reissue is out now, while the physical re-release, containing only the original tracklisting, lands on CD August 26 and as a limited vinyl LP on October 7 through the band's own Caterpillar Records.